If you are a GHEP-ISFG member, we ask you to pay online preferably by credit card, accessing the electronic payment platform. If payment with a credit card is not possible, you may select payment by bank transfer in your user's area and follow the instructions.

To access your user's area as a member, please introduce your registered email and password in the User area (top of page).  If you do not remember your password, you may retrieve it by accessing the link on the bottom of that page. The instructions will be sent to your email. You should include the full details of the paying entity. The tax number is essential. The invoice will be issued automatically.

You may pay various items at the same time (e.g. membership fee, intercomparison exercise, etc.). If the paying entity of the various items is different, then independent payments should be performed for each entity.


If you are not a GHEP-ISFG member, you may pay by bank transfer. Details of the bank account can be obtained by email through the GHEP-ISFG Treasurer (Cíntia Alves,

Required -  send notification of payment by e-mail to the Treasurer.

Important - You should make sure that the GHEP-ISFG will receive the whole fee amount, once banking fees have been deduced.



17 euros/year


If you need an invoice of payment, please contact the GHEP-ISFG Treasurer (Cíntia Alves,


Cíntia Alves