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mtDNA mixtures Congress Series

Montesino M., Salas A., Crespillo M., Albarrán C., Alonso A., Alvarez-Iglesias V., Cano J.A., Carbalho M., Corach D., Cruz C., Di Lonardo A., Espinheira R., Farfán M.J., Filippini S., Garcia-Hirchfeld J., Hernández A., Lima G., López-Cubría C.M., M. López-Soto M., Pagano S., Paredes M., Pinheiro M.F., Sala A., Sóñora S., Sumita D.R., Vide M.C., Whittle M.R., Zurita A., Prieto L. Analysis of mtDNA mixtures from different fluids: An inter-laboratory study. Forensic Science International Congress Series (2006) 1288: 130–132.

The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) working group of the GEP-ISFG carried out an interlaboratory exercise consisting of the study of mixture stains (saliva/semen and blood/semen) in order to investigate the behaviour of these common forensic samples when analysing their mtDNA using standard sequencing methodology. All labs extracted the DNA by preferential lysis and amplified and sequenced the first hypervariable region I (HVS-I). The results showed high consensus between labs for the first fraction of the lysis but not for the second one. We also observed differences between mixtures prepared from different donors and different body fluids. The present study has important consequences for the analysis and interpretation of mtDNA mixtures.

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