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X-STR Decaplex

Gusmao L., Alves C., Sánchez-Diz P., Zarrabeitia M.T., Abovich M.A., Aragón I., Arce B., Arrieta G., Arroyo E., Atmetlla I., Baeza C., Bobillo M.C., Cainé L., Campos R., Caraballo L., Carvalho E., Carvalho M., Cicarelli R.M.B., Comas D., Corach D., Espinoza M., Espinheira M.R., Rendo F., García O., Gomes I., González A., Hernández A., Hidalgo M., Lozano P., Malaghini M., Manzanares D., Martínez B., Martins J.A., Maxzud K., Miguel I., Modesti N., Montesino M., Ortiz R., Pestano J.J., Pinheiro M.F., Prieto L., et al. Results of the GEP-ISFG collaborative study on an X-STR Decaplex. Forensic Science International Genetics Supplement Series, Vol. 1: 677- 679

A collaborative work was carried out by the Spanish and Portuguese ISFG Working Group with a PCR multiplex for X chromosome STRs. Markers were selected among those described as polymorphic in humans and that have been used by some laboratories in forensics. Primers and various technical methods were investigated with the aim of optimizing a multiplex for the 10 selected X-STRs. Primer mix stock solutions were sent to the laboratories that were asked to analyse two female bloodstains, taking as reference the genetic profiles from 9947A, 9948 and NA3657 samples. In this work, we report the results obtained by 30 GEP-ISFG laboratories, using this Decaplex, as well as alternative technical conditions that also produced good results.

FSI Genet Supp Series 1 GEP X-STR decaplex