Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Working Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics

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Delivery and Returns

What are the shipping costs?

The price of sending the samples is included in the participation fee for the Exercise.


What is the shipping method?

The shipment will preferably be made by courier (DHL), although in exceptional cases another form of shipment may be agreed with the participant. In case of shipment by courier outside the European Union, it is up to each participant to pay the possible customs costs that may apply.


When are the samples sent?

The samples will be sent to each participant during the period established in the calendar reflected in the Participation Rules, as long as the registration has been made and the corresponding participation fees have been paid within the deadlines set for it. In the event of any problem in the reception or in the content of the shipment, the participating laboratory will have a period of 10 days (from the date of departure of the shipment) to request a new shipment.


How can I track the shipment?

Only in the event that the shipment is made by courier, it can be tracked on the DHL website through a locator number that may be provided.


Can I return a shipment of samples?

Return of a shipment will not be accepted. The amount of the participation fee (or its reservation for participation in the next edition of the Exercise) will only be refunded in the event of problems in receiving the shipment due to extraneous factors to the participating laboratory.