Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Working Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics

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New Members

Any person who performs professional work in the field of forensic genetics and is interested in becoming a member of the GHEP-ISFG may do so by filling an application form here.

Remember that to become a member of the GHEP-ISFG it is necessary to

  • Be a member of the ISFG and provide the membership number, as the GHEP-ISFG is a society set up as a working group under the ISFG. In case you are not a member already, you may apply by sending a request to the ISFG (more information at:
  • Provide the name of two existing GHEP members that support your application. (Member's consent will be checked).

The annual membership fee of the GHEP-ISFG is EUR 20 (from 2023). More info about membership fee payments is available here.

For more information on payments, please contact the GHEP-ISFG Treasury,

Remember the GHEP-ISFG and ISFG are two completely independent associations and the payment of the fees of one organisation does not imply the payment of the other one's fees.