Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Working Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics

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XVII Meeting, San Andres, 2012

Organizing Institution

Laboratorio Genes Ltda | Laboratorio Nacional de Referencia

Carrera 48 # 10-45 Cons. 611-612 | Medellín, Colombia

Workshop Pre-Congress: Familias and Forensic Genetics, Thore Egeland and Leonor Gusmao 

GHEP Meeting: infoprogramme (only available in Spanish)

Download Presentations (only presentation 9 available in English):

  1. General results (Josefina Gomez)
  2. Fluid Identification (Manuel Lopez)
  3. Autosomal markers (Ulises Toscanini)
  4. Sexual chromosomes (Leonor Gusmao)
  5. mtDNA (Manuel Crespillo)
  6. Non human sample (Cintia Alves)
  7. Theoretical forensic study - basic level  (Eva Cubillo and Juan Antonio Luque)
  8. Kinship paper challenge (Carlos Vullo)
  9. Forensic paper challenge (Lourdes Prieto)

Working Commissions (only available in Spanish or Portuguese):

  1. WC Analysis of mixed profiles (Manuel Crespillo)
  2. WC: Automation (David Parra), not available
  3. WC: Autosomal SNPs genotyping (Vanesa Álvarez)
  4. WC: Education and training on forensic genetics (Mereces Aler and Susana Jiménez)
  5. New proposals: Analysis of Indels (Rui Pereira and Leonor Gusmao)