Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Working Group of the International Society for Forensic Genetics

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XVI Meeting, Vienna 2011

Organizing institution

The XVI GHEP-ISFG Meeting hold in Vienna (Austria) on August 29-30, 2011 was organized by:

Instituto Nacional de Toxicología y Ciencias Forenses

Departamento de Madrid

(Ministerio de Justicia)

C/ José Echegaray, 4

28232 Las Rozas de Madrid


GHEP Meeting: programme (only available in Spanish)

Download Presentations (only presentation 6 available in English):

  1. General results (Josefina Gomez)
  2. Autosomal markers (Alexis Hernández)
  3. Sexual chromosomes (Leonor Gusmao)
  4. mtDNA (Manuel Lopez-Soto)
  5. Fluid Identification (Maria Jesus Iturralde)
  6. Non human sample (Cintia Alves)
  7. Theoretical kinship study - basic level (Juan Antonio Luque)
  8. Kinship paper challenge (Juan Antonio Luque)
  9. Theoretical forensic study - basic level  (Mª Jose Farfan): presentationsummary
  10. Forensic paper challenge (Lourdes Prieto)

Working Commissions (only available in Spanish or Portuguese):

  1. WC Sexual chromosomes (Paula Sanchez-Diz)
  2. WC Analysis of mixed profiles (Manuel Crespillo)
  3. WC: Automation (David Parra)
  4. WC: Autosomal SNPs genotyping (Vanesa Álvarez)
  5. WC: Education and training on forensic genetics (Mereces Aler and Susana Jimenez), not available